School sign reading keeping schools safe

LHPUSD joins all districts in San Mateo County in the use of The Big Five emergency plan. The Big Five was developed in 2013 following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. The Big Five established common language between law enforcement, schools and fire workers to efficiently respond to any emergency. 

The Big Five

1. Shelter in Place - For environmental hazards (e.g. poor air quality, mountain lions)

     Go inside immediately. Close doors and windows. 

2. Drop, Cover, and Hold On - For earthquakes and explosions

      Protect from falling debris. Drop to the foor. Take cover and hold on. 

3. Secure Campus- For potential threats of violence nearby

     Go inside the nearest building. Close and lock all doors. Remain inside and continue with         learning. 

4. Lockdown/Barricade- For immediate threats of violence on premises 

     Go inside. Lock and barricade all doors. Cover windows and turn of lights. Remain quiet and alert. 

5. Evacuation- For when conditions outside are safer than inside

    Utilize “Look, Listen, and Leave.” Exit the building and move to a safe location. 

All teaching and administrative staff members were trained in The Big Five in August before school started to ensure consistent use. If you have any questions regarding The Big Five, you can reach out to me at or visit the San Mateo County Office of Education website