...why we are AWESOME!

On a visit to any of our campuses, you'll see engaged students doing relevant work in an exceptional environment. Our schools are exciting, caring places where no student is anonymous. The class size average is 18 throughout the grades. The student body is diverse, and we build respect for diversity. We pay particular attention to individual student needs academically, socially and emotionally. Our challenging curriculum is enriched by community-supported school programs in art, music, theater, outdoor education, sports, and student publications. Community service in grades 9-12 is required for graduation.  A highly-successful mentor program pairs elementary and high school students with college students from the University of California at Santa Cruz. Many community programs also take place in our schools, including drama, karate, 4-H, Girl Scouts, Little League, AYSO, and a strong sports program in middle & high school. Our schools are truly the heart of the community.

An exceptional teaching staff truly cares about our students. The staff includes veteran teachers who are longtime residents of our small towns and have taught the parents of current students, as well as enthusiastic new faces who bring with them excitement and experiences from beyond the boundaries of our district.  Team-building among teachers and students is a key element of our academic success. Strong parent involvement and broad community support round out the special characteristics of the district. Our aging school facilities need work...and we are proud that the community has chosen to support the effort through local taxes to make our buildings shine as brightly as our students. Before you consider a private school, why not look at what makes schools in our district unique and desirable? Our schools prepare students for the future by providing the challenges and opportunities for them to develop strong academic skills, find a meaningful place in the school community, and experience a joy for life-long learning and discovery.