Substitute Teacher Information

Welcome to the La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District! We appreciate your help in continuing our program when a regular staff member is absent. Here is some useful information for you.

1. To be a substitute you must:

  • have a bachelors degree

  • pass the CBEST

  • hold at least a 30-day Emergency Teaching Permit (apply through the district or directly to CCTC); 

  • pass LiveScan.

2. Check in at the school office before your assignment and check out at the office after your assignment.

3. Expectations of the substitute are:

  • Be on time and follow the assigned schedule.

  • Follow the teacher's lesson plans as closely as possible. (See the principal or teacher in charge if lesson plans are incomplete or missing.)

  • Refer to the school's substitute folder for specific rules and procedures of the school.

4. Substitutes must work the full day unless released earlier by the office.

5. Complete the Substitute Teacher Time Report and Employee Time Sheet at the end of the day

6. Assignments may be a part day or full day. Timesheets should be marked as follows:

  • Preschool: ½ day (1-4 hours) or whole day (over 4 hours)

  • K-5 ½ day (1-4 hours) or whole day (over 4 hours)

  • 6-8 ½ day (1-4 hours) or whole day (over 4 hours)

  • 9-12 ¼ day for each block worked or whole day

  • Continuation ¼ day for each block worked or whole day

7. The current pay rate for day to day substitutes is:

  • Half day: $70.00

  • Full day: $140.00

8. Long-term substitutes who work in the same assignment more than 10 consecutive days will be paid at the rate of $155 per day.