Bus picture

Thank you all for your patience over the past few weeks as we continue our work to strengthen our transportation system. One of our drivers had an unexpected license expiration a year earlier than expected due to bureaucratic technicalities with DMV through no fault of the driver. The appeal to DMV was not successful. Some of our bus routes have since been impacted and we have taken the following steps to remedy these issues:

  • An additional driver trainee has been hired and starts next week. His name is Jose Luis Silva and he will start with our trainer next week.

  • An additional vehicle has been purchased to alleviate the pressure on the La Honda route so that students will be able to get to school more smoothly. Be on the lookout for a Ford Flex SUV!

Home to School transportation is a challenge throughout the state due to a shortage of drivers both with bus companies as well as school districts managing their own bus system. We are fortunate to be able to hire quality drivers and train them internally which benefits our students and community. We appreciate your patience as our new driver is being trained.