Redwood tree

Thank you to those of you who joined us for the launch of the Design Team #1 for the Transcend Rural Schools Design this month. On March 16th, we took a beautiful walk in the redwood forest at Memorial Park followed by a presentation with details of our first pilot related to place-based learning. We asked for teachers to volunteer as host pilot classrooms and staff, parents and community members to volunteer to support the host pilot classrooms.  

On March 22nd, we learned what a pilot looks like. We engaged in a design thinking activity to demonstrate a piloting activity. 

The very first pilot ends on April 8th and is addressing the following key questions:

  • How do we adjust adult roles and development to engage in place based learning?

  • How do we facilitate eliciting student interest?

Following April 8th, we will continue piloting the following features of place-based learning:

  • Design of curriculum 

  • Implementing unit of place-based learning 

  • Collection of data and information 

  • Exhibition of our learning