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The Rural Schools Design Program is finalizing Phase 1 (August- January) of our project. During Phase 1, we gathered information about how our students, staff and families experience our schools. We planned to share these findings in a “Case for Change” at a community convening in January. Due to COVID, we postponed that convening originally scheduled for January 19th. Over the last 3 weeks, we were able to hold a series of informational meetings on Zoom in the Pescadero and La Honda communities to share the process we went through in Phase 1 and extend invitations to the community convening. Thank you to all who attended these meetings and shared feedback. 

Due to COVID numbers not yet receding in our communities, we have altered our plan and are now developing a video presentation of our “Case for Change” in lieu of an in-person convening.

We will be posting that video on our website and pushing the video to our parents and students on February 7th.  

We are excited to begin sharing our findings. Included with the video will be a feedback form that we invite you to complete. We want to know to what extent our “Case for Change” resonates with you and reflects your experiences in our schools. In addition to the feedback form, members of the core team will contact the school community members who participated in our focus groups and interviews to personally gather feedback for the next phase of our project.