power outages

LHPUSD schools have endured  unplanned power outages for the past two days. Our students are safe in our classrooms and at our schools when the power is out.  Each school has developed procedures specific to the needs of the school. 

At the Pescadero Middle and High Schools a generator is in place because the school is also a community emergency evacuation center. When we lose power, we flip on the generator which  keeps our critical functions in place. 

At Pescadero Elementary School there is plenty of light in our main classrooms to continue learning. Our water is not impacted so toilets are still able to be flushed and hands washed. There is an emergency office telephone line at (650)879-1066.

At La Honda Elementary School, there is also plenty of light in the classrooms to continue learning. The main water pump does not work without power so there is no water at the campus for flushing and handwashing. Our staff uses a bucket system to manually flush toilets using the garden water source which draws from a different well. Handwashing stations are set up outside for students to use throughout the day. The emergency office phone line is (650)747-0617 and the after-school phone line is (650)747-0219.

None of this is ideal but we are confident that your children are safe and that learning continues. If you know the power will be out during the day, please make sure s/he/they have a jacket as the buildings may be cold. We are in the process of adding alternate power sources to our two elementary schools and upgrading our existing generator at PMS/HS. I will keep you posted on our progress.