Message from Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment & Design

Good afternoon 3rd through 8th and 11th grade families,

As we near the end of the 2023-2024 academic year, we wanted to let you know that the end of the year state test (CAASPP) will be taking place in May. 

Pescadero Middle and High: 

Monday, May 6th through Friday, May 17th and May 22nd and 23rd

La Honda Elementary and Pescadero Elementary: 

Monday, May 13th through Friday, May 24th 

The CAASPP assessments play a crucial role in evaluating our students' progress and ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills for success. These tests provide valuable insights into your child's academic growth and help us tailor our instructional approach to better meet their needs.

To support your child during this testing period, we encourage you to:

1. Adequate Rest: Please ensure your child gets plenty of rest leading up to the testing days. A good night's sleep can significantly impact their performance and focus during the assessments.

2. Starting Each Day with Breakfast: Healthy meals help fuel the brain, so providing nutritious breakfasts can aid your child's concentration and stamina during testing sessions.

3. Encourage a Positive Attitude: Remind your child that these assessments are an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills. Encourage them to approach the tests with confidence and a positive attitude.

4. Minimize Stress: While assessments are important, it's essential to keep things in perspective. Encourage your child to do their best, but also reassure them that their worth is not defined by test scores.

We appreciate your partnership in your child's education and are confident that together, we can support them in achieving success during the upcoming CAASPP testing. Thank you for your continued support and involvement in our school community.

-Liz Morgan 

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