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Check out this 13-minute board summary with LHPUSD Trustee Renee Erridge for a quick recap on district initiatives and decisions.

Topics include CSA-11 extension project, community school planning grant activity, family collaboration meetings, how to engage with the school strategy, and district interpretation services.

On December 15 the California Coastal Commission will hold a public hearing on the Land Use Plan for Pescadero fire station & school water extension projects. If you’d like to leave a thoughtful public comment encouraging the Coastal Commission to approve this plan, you may do so here: (see item 10 at the time of this posting)

If you’re interested in adding your expertise and passion to the School Modernization project as a member of either the Bond Oversight Committee or Infrastructure Development Committee, please DM me at

If you’re interested in learning more about board topics, all documents from the board meeting are available for review here:

 Our next regularly scheduled board meeting is on December 14 at 7:00 pm at the District Office or on Zoom.