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Change in Academic Calendar- The "No School-Teacher Professional Development Day" has been moved from October 10th to October 7th.
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Attention all High School students! Want to make a difference in our school? Want to have a voice in decisions that affect you? Want to make your school more fair and equitable? Join us in the District Board Room for the SACB - the Student Advisory Committee to the Board - NEXT FRIDAY, A WEEK FROM TODAY, FROM 12:10 TO 1:10 PM. SACB is open to all students grades 9-12. The agenda will include: reviewing last year’s work and suggestions, organizing to address unresolved issues, and looking ahead to work that needs student input!
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Reminder: The rescheduled LHPUSD School Board meeting is tonight via Zoom. Open Session begins at 7:00 PM.
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Reminder: The rescheduled LHPUSD Board meeting is tonight via Zoom. Open Session begins at 7:00 PM.
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Attention Grade 7-9 Families and Students! Ms. Kassi Talbot would love to tell you all about a possible student trip to Costa Rica...check out the link below... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lUE7305yxEphptrnPZ681Ian3-Bzl58EmZ-soTJ7A4M/edit?usp=sharing
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Tonight's LHPUSD School Board meeting has been postponed until next week on Thursday, September 15th.
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Pescadero High School students will be nominating classmates for Associated Student Body (ASB) Officers this week during Advisory and on their own time through Friday by using a one time Google form. Elections will be held following the nomination process. This is what students will see in the heading of the nomination form that will be sent out Wednesday afternoon., Class Officers have already been elected. Go Student Government! Please NOMINATE your ASB Officers HERE! ASB stands for Associated Study Body. You are electing these student government positions to represent you when discussing issues like class activities, cell phone policies, snack shack, and rallies and dances, spending school funds, and informing the Principal and Board of Education of what you think about these issues. There are six positions available: 1) President who leads meetings and makes agendas, 2) the Vice President who assists the President in running meetings and making agendas, 3) a Treasure who counts the cash, 4) a Secretary who takes notes and keeps us organized, 5) a Sargent At Arms who makes sure meetings are held properly, and 6) a Publicist who is in charge of advertising events. Us this form below to nominate a person you think would perform one of these roles really well. Each nominee will be asked if they would like to run, and once we finish nominating, we will have an actual election for all of the positions. Think about the qualities a person you would like to see representing you in student government. Only seniors may be nominated for ASB President, per the ASB Constitution. Only 9-12 students vote on ASB officers. It is okay to nominate yourself. You may not hold an class officer position at the same time as an ASB officer position. If you are already a class officer, you can run for ASB, and if you win an ASB position you will have to give up your class officer position.
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student gov
PMHS FIRST FULL FLEX DAY WEDNESDAY! This week, we have our first FLEX Day on Wednesday. This is a period of time where we have allowed the space for teachers, staff and students to mix and meet and work during the school day but in a manner more like the real work world, based on need, not a bell schedule. Students will have discussed FLEX the week prior during a combined Advisory/FLEX Block, and after FLEX this week, they will reflect on this first FLEX. Pictures to come! On Wednesday all students will attend 5th Block and 6th Block, then Lunch, and then all students will report to their Advisory classroom where your teacher will take attendance, you will jump on a Google Form link and select a FLEX location on campus where you will go (or you may stay in your advisory classroom under expectations set by that teacher). You will then be dismissed to your FLEX block that will last roughly 40 minutes. Once FLEX ends and the bell rings, you will return to your Advisory classroom for your actual Advisory Block where you have a lesson to follow. This week’s Advisory has you reflecting on what FLEX can be for all of us, and getting set to begin our ASB Elections!
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about 1 month ago, Phil Hophan, Principal
PMHS will feature a Parent Engagement Series in 2022-2023, welcoming our parents and guardians back to school after a couple of years of having to stay away! Please check out the attached posters for topics and dates throughout the first semester. Dinner and child care will be provided. Please mark your calendars!
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All If you are unable to attend tonight's Pescadero Middle & High Promotion and Graduation Ceremonies, the ceremonies will be live streamed here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IFixf1Wh3L0bxSBSSFoGPGyoccWTJyLpFSfUwoDo1sg/edit?usp=sharing
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Check out PMHS Summer Programs!
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Summer Programs
LHPUSD will be closed on Monday, May 30th in celebration of Memorial Day.
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A big SHOUT OUT to: Carlene Foldenauer from Safe routes to school Lauren Freeman with Outride Chris and David from bike works half Moon Bay Max Cohen from Scrub Jay Cycles, Pescadero And of course, Specialized Bicycles This is a collaborative effort to simply get kids on bikes and enjoying the outdoors. We applied and received a grant from Specialized bicycles and we’re given 25 Mountain bikes. This will initially be a part of our PE classes, and then will be extended to our afterschool program. Thank you Community!
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