PHS Graduates Speaking in Senior Advisory, Fall 2021

PMHS Advisory

In the fall of 2021, PMHS introduced Advisory to all grades 6-12. This program runs 30 minutes every Wednesday and includes college and career, student activities, community service, student leadership and social emotional learning programs, and includes curriculum from the College Board. Our PMHS Advisory Goals are:

  1. To develop and maintain relationships between and among advisees and the adviser

  2. To help advisees identify and develop the necessary attitudes, behaviors and skills to succeed in school, college and life

  3. To provide advisees with the resources and information necessary to make thoughtful decisions about the future

Our Goal is your Goal!

We want every student to graduate from PHS, continue their education, and go on to exciting jobs and live meaningful lives. Succeeding in high school, discovering ourselves, and negotiating the college application process, can be challenging. Starting in middle school, we explore this important process. Then, in high school, students learn what it takes to meet academic challenges, develop strengths and skills, and make plans for life beyond graduation. Here are some links that can help students and parents understand this critical endeavor. 


A-G Requirements

One of the most important things for a student (and their parents) to know is the UC/CSU A-G Requirements. If a student is able to meet these, they will be equipped to go on to almost any college or university. While not all students will have the Grade Point Average necessary to get into a UC (University of California) or a CSU (California State University), having taken all the required courses is fundamental preparation for any undergraduate degree program.

Paying For College

While college tuition has risen to notorious heights, a college education is still one of the best investments a person can make. Here are a few sites to help with college costs.