Pat Talbot

Pat Talbot

Principal's Message

  • Welcome Back to the 2018-19 school year.  I love seeing the students return and the excitement of the first days of school. 

    This year’s new vision statement includes the words Inspire, Respond, Engage- three simple words that carry so much weight.  There is so much about Pescadero Middle and High school that inspires me:  Parents that show great love and care for their children, students that exude excitement over the little things, teachers that go above and beyond so students learn in spite of any obstacles they may face.  We belong to a very special place. Being responsive happens naturally.  We respond when our students are doing well, facing challenges, or just need us to listen.  How we respond makes the difference we seek. 

    When it comes to engagement, I love our Back to School BBQ’s sponsored by our Viking Boosters.  Just seeing staff and families sharing a meal with each other always brings me joy.  We need to hold on to that spirit of engagement and unity in all of our school events. To help your child engage, ask about your student’s experience that day.  Make sure they show you their work and turn it in.  Encourage them to play a sport, participate in a club (or start one!). Make appointments to see teachers for extra help as needed.  Encourage reading at home and discuss the issues of the day to promote critical thinking skills.  A few things like these can make a huge difference! 


  • I would like to officially welcome Adriana Serrano back as our office manager.  She brings a warm, welcoming spirit to our school and we are so happy to have her with us. 

    I would also like to welcome Charlea Binford, who will serve as our new Athletic Director and Community Engagement Coordinator.  She has worked with our students and families regarding sports and other activities for the past several years and is a natural fit for our school.  We look forward to the spirit and energy she will bring to both positions.

    Randy Vail has taken on a new position as our Teacher on Special Assignment.  He will be working on grants, our district website, overseeing independent study along with its technology, working with students on service learning and assisting our students on the path to college. 

    I look forward to another year in this place I care about so much!  Please feel free to email me a or call at 650 879-0274 with any questions or concerns. 

    Sincerely, Pat Talbot, Principal/Pescadero Middle/High School