Amy Wooliever

Amy Wooliever
  • Superintendent's Message

    Welcome to the La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District. LHPUSD is a  small school district on the coast of San Mateo County serving the families of La Honda, Loma Mar, Pescadero and San Gregorio. We are a unique school district offering a small and personal school experience for our families. I am honored to continue my service as your superintendent. I have worked in LHPUSD since 1991 as a teacher, principal and has served as superintendent since 2010. I am deeply committed to providing a high quality, stable, innovative and flexible educational system for the children of the South Coast.

    During the past four years, our district has implemented new programs and has made many strides.

    • LHPUSD finances are stable thanks to the community passage of a Parcel Tax, successful grant efforts, and prudent budgeting.
    • LHPUSD school day is extended at Pescadero Elementary, Middle and High School providing academic and enrichment opportunities. Additionally, LHPUSD children attend a comprehensive summer program for academic enrichment.
    • LHPUSD is a Big Lift community! The Big Lift provides support for early learning, attendance, summer programs and family engagement to support closing the achievement gap.
    • LHPUSD teachers have access to a coordinated, high-quality professional development program through external and internal providers to support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.
    • Pescadero Middle and High School is a Silicon Valley Community Foundation Common Core Demonstration site for implementation of Common Core State Standards in Mathematics.
    • LHPUSD students access technology-based instruction across the curriculum.
    • LHPUSD students access innovative programs outside of the traditional curriculum such as garden, Spanish for English speakers, chorus and instrumental music.
    • LHPUSD families have access to quality Family Engagement activities to support their children as learners.

    We are a proud community of educators and learners. We recognize the work ahead of us as we prepare our students to be successful learners in the new era of accountability and Common Core State Standards. I welcome the challenge and opportunity to continue to improve our educational outcomes and watch our students transform into successful adults and life-long learners. I am honored to serve the children of the South Coast.

    Amy Wooliever, Superintendent, La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District