Our Goals


    Goal: Foster high measurable levels of student learning and achievement through expanded teacher capacity and curricular shift to Common Core State Standards. 


    • Expand after-school support and enrichment opportunities for middle and secondary students.
    • Track measures of effectiveness for academic programs to monitor program success and adjust to program gaps.
    • Work with community partners to develop a plan for 0-5 family support and services.
    • Transition to Common Core State Standards (CCSS).
    • Develop collaborative of math professional development at 6-12 to select and implement CCSS math curriculum.
    • Deliver focused, high-quality professional development to K-5 and 6-12 (non-math) teachers on ELD and writing strategies.
    • Refine formative assessments and use student outcomes to collectively problem solve.
    • Utilize high-quality technology tools in the classroom.


    Goal: Develop and maintain a budget for LHPUSD which balances the following needs:

    • Student academic acceleration
    • Student enrichment and opportunity
    • Teacher leadership and employee capacity building
    • Facility repairs and modernization

    Specifically, develop a realistic funding model for 2013-2014 and beyond which is aligned with spending trends throughout the state.

    • Reduce district office expenditures through consolidation of services.
    • Reduce overhead expenses in all departments.
    • Increase the proportion of revenue going to instruction-related services.


    Create a realistic and achievable plan which meets current and future space and building wellness needs. Specifically:

      • Pursue long-term funding for space needs through modernization and grant funding.
      • Integrate maintenance and operations in a more realistic alignment with rest of district.
      • Plan for new construction/modernization for middle school housing, LHE renovation and/or repair