Do's and Don'ts

  • The school bus rules help keep everyone safe while riding to and from school. Parents should make sure that their children know the rules and follow the rules at all times.

    General Bus Rules

    1. All school rules apply when riding the bus.
    2. The bus driver is the authority on the bus. Students shall respect and obey the bus driver.
    3. Be at the bus stop on time.
    4. Get on and off the bus at designated stops only. Only eligible students may ride the bus.
    5. Don't push or shove on the bus.
    6. Sit in your seat, face forward, and keep your feet on the floor in front of you. Remain seated while the bus is moving.
    7. Keep the aisles clear. Do not walk around while the bus is moving.
    8. No loud noises, yelling, or use of obscene language.
    9. No pushing, fighting, or taunting others.
    10. Don't throw objects inside or out of the bus. Do not litter.
    11. A student who causes damage on the bus must pay for the cost of the damage.
    12. Use the emergency door only during supervised drills or actual emergencies.
    13. Stay seated until the bus is completely stopped.
    14. Wait for your turn to leave the bus. Take it easy.
    15. Stay clear of the bus when you leave. Don't chase or hang on to the bus at any time.

    Prohibited Items on the Bus

    1. No food, candy, drinks or chewing gum may be used.
    2. No tobacco, alcohol, or drugs are permitted on the bus.
    3. No weapons, explosive devices, matches or cigarette lighters.
    4. No toy weapons or simulations of the above.
    5. Radios, CD players or other electronic devices may only be used with headphones.


    1. Any serious violation of the rules that put the safety of students or driver at risk may result in suspension or expulsion from school.
    2. Generally, the first time the rules are not followed, a verbal warning will be given to the student by the bus driver.
    3. The second time, the bus driver will give the student a written referral to the principal.
    4. The third time, the principal may suspend the student from riding the bus for up to five days.
    5. If the misconduct continues, the student may be suspended from riding the bus for the rest of the semester.